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Want to work on the Trails?

We normally schedule our monthly 4 hour Trail Work Day on the first Saturday after the first Sunday each month.  There are plenty of opportunities to make our trails better limited only by the number of volunteers. So please sign up or show up for fun and rewarding trail work days. 

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Fast Facts

A natural surface trail system located in and around

Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC

15+ miles of natural surface trails Home to

3.3 miles of Carolina Thread Trail.

Hikers, Bikers,

Runners and Walkers are always welcome

Report Trail maintenance issues to 

Connection from Baxter Trails to Mason's Bend and Riverwalk

Many people use the powerlines as a way to go from Baxter to Mason's Bend to Founders Trail to Riverwalk.  This is a convenient shortcut.

Unfortunately, everyone who has used this path had been trespassing.  The owners do not wish people on their land and have given no one permission to cross it.  Combine this with the fact that there are hunters on the land at certain times of the year, and you must not cross this unauthorized short cut.

As a good neighbor, Baxter and Mason's Bend have erected signs warning people not to cross this land.  THIS IS NOT AN OPTION.  If caught, you might very well be prosecuted for trespassing.

Please respect the wish es of our neighbors and find another way to Riverwalk.  (This would be going down Sutton Road to Sutton View, which now connects to the Mason's Bend Community.)

For more information, or to report an issue on the trails, call or text Peter Emrich @ 440.813.1914.

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