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Baxter Trail Club

Baxter Trail Club By-Laws

January 1, 2012

  • I.        NAME
  • a.       This club shall be known as the Baxter Trail Club.  Herein referred to as “the Club” or "BTC".
  • a.       The objective of this Club is to expand and maintain the Baxter trail system and its adjoining natural features while driving resident awareness and usage.
  • a.       Any person living or near in Baxter Village and interested in our objective shall be eligible for membership.  Members regularly attend monthly meetings and are entitled to vote on the affairs of the Club.
  • b.      Associate members are those who are interested in our objective and:
  •                                 i.      Live in Baxter Village but are unable to regularly attend monthly meetings, or
  •                               ii.      Do not live in Baxter Village.
  •                             iii.      Associate members have no voting power, and may not hold an officer position.
  • Exception: In the event a non-resident chairs a Club committee that individual will be granted full membership with voting rights during the term of their chairmanship.
  • c.       The number of members shall be unlimited.
  • d.      Any member may resign at any time and should inform the Executive Committee.
  • a.       Meetings of the Club shall be at a designated time on the second Monday first Sunday of the month in the Baxter Village Hall Community Center.
  •                                 i.      Special Officer Meetings may be called by the President at the request of any member of the Executive Committee.
  •                               ii.      Executive Committee members may occasionally be asked to attend a special meeting at the discretion of the President.
  • b.      Meeting dates and times will be published and open to the full membership and their guests.
  • c.       There will be no official Club meetings or work days in July or August.
  • V.      OFFICERS
  • a.       The officers shall make up the Executive Committee and shall be: President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Communications/Publicity Officer, Committee Chairperson(s), and Ex-Officio (advisor).
  •                                 i.      The President shall preside at all meetings of the committee and is the primary point person with the Baxter Village HOA and/or Use Committee.
  • ·         The President shall be an ex-officio (advisor) member as necessary for one year following the person’s term of office.
  •                               ii.      The Vice President(s) shall fill in for the President when President is not available.  Helps direct and facilitate Committee Chairs in their project and initiative efforts.
  •                             iii.      The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings.
  •                             iv.      The Treasurer shall keep appropriate record of all monies of the Club and pay approved bills.
  •                                v.      The Communications/Publicity Officer shall establish and maintain the clubs communication strategy, and coordinate posting the date and time of meetings and events as appropriate.
  •                             vi.      Committee Chairperson(s) will lead specific Club projects and initiatives.
  • b.      These officers shall transact the general business of the Club; consider all questions of policy, and present recommendations to the membership for action.
  • c.       Any officer can be removed from office by a quorum vote of the remaining officers for any reason.
  • d.      Officer roles are voluntary and shall receive no salary.
  • e.       Officer terms are for 2 years with no term limits


  • a.       Officer nominations will take place at the November and December Club meetings.
  • b.      Officers will be elected at the December Club meeting.
  • c.       Officers will assume their roles in January.
  • ·         Half of the initial officer class will serve a 1 year term
  • a.       Except for an amendment to the by-laws, a simple majority of voting members present shall be sufficient to pass a vote held at a meeting.
  •                                 i.      A quorum of Officers is required for an amendment to the by-laws.
  •                               ii.      If a quorum of the Officers is not present, voting may be conducted via email. Officers must vote within 7 days of notification to be counted.




Baxter Trail Club

3187 Colonel Springs Way, Fort Mill, SC 29708

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